Customer Testimonials


"I have been riding with Dutch Diesel Cycling on Zwift for 4 years now, so I am quite familiar with virtual rides, workouts and training.  In February 2021, I started  working with Coach Erik Hofman on a personal training plan that could incorporate my weekly Zwift commitments with Dutch Diesel Cycling, add some personal training sessions to improve my fitness, strength and stamina, as well as tidy up my weekly miles into productive, focused training. 

My problem was overdoing it. I’d Zwift multiple times a day, sometimes rides, sometimes races. As a result I fatigued my body and legs, mentally exhausted myself and found my fitness would plateau because structure was missing. 

Erik’s input and guidance has been invaluable these past 7 months. My cycling ability grows with steady, constant gains. My Zwifting calendar is customized to allow for the group rides I love, the workouts I need, and the flexibility to add the odd Zwift event or two for fun. Erik offers prompt, thorough feedback on my performances, always looking for ways to adapt and personalize my training to gain the most benefits, whilst working into my schedule. 

I highly recommend Dutch Diesel Cycling’s personalized coaching. Erik has been, and continues to be a pleasure to work with. I am incredibly pleased to see myself making gains as a result of his plan."

Sam, Zwift and road cyclist

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"I just love riding my bike and do it a lot! Once I learned there was 65 mile road race on the Texas calendar, and after a year without races, I needed some extra structure. I came across Erik through his Dutch Diesel Cycling rides on Zwift awhile ago and joined a couple of group workouts. It felt like a good fit.


Erik provided a detailed intake conversation, and always gives instant feedback and encouragement. It is a pleasure working with Erik in getting race-ready. In the three months so far, I already see significant improvements and I’m looking forward in breaking a few more power records!"

Jolanda, Zwift Cyclist and Texas ITT State Champion

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“Erik and I have ridden together many years. He has always encouraged me to try new technology and new training methods. I decided to use him as a coach last year when I was not seeing the progress that I wanted. We tossed around a few ideas and he convinced me that I should get a smart trainer and power meter for my training. We developed a plan that would work with my schedule.


Since I started with Dutch Diesel Coaching I have seen a 10 percent improvement in FTP over the last year and have seen my times drop on many segments on Strava. The workouts are tough but Erik is very responsive if changes need to be made. If you’re racing, looking to do your first century or just looking to improve your overall fitness I would highly recommend Dutch Diesel Coaching!” 

- Scott, Zwift and road cyclist

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" I’ve been doing various group rides for quite some time, always staying in the middle of the pack and not seeing improvements as I just rolled with the groups.  I wanted to step up my rides and found Erik through several recommendations and research.  I’ve been working with Erik close to a year now.  My FTP has increased significantly and now I can “pull” up front and maintain my endurance.  In addition, I recently joined a “hammer ride“ group! 

Another benefit of Erik’s coaching is that he is open to discussing my progress or rides any time, which is included in his coaching fee.  Other coaching programs had minimum contacts with the coach and then you were billed for the additional time, like billable attorney time.  Also, being local in the Bay Area I wanted to be able to ride side-by-side with a coach which was important to me.  I looked into coaches in Southern California, Utah, and Florida...difficult to meet together and they mostly wanted to see your wattage, etc and not work with me on a regular basis to make adjustments and improve.  

I highly recommend Erik and Dutch Diesel Cycling"

- Dave, Zwift and road cyclist

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"Only 5 weeks of structured training with Coach Erik helped me achieve a life long goal of going under 60 minutes for a 40K time trial.  


Erik’s flexible blend of FTP based workouts, challenging group rides and races in Zwift, along with some outdoor riding on the weekend fit my schedule perfectly and keeps training fun.  


Many thanks Coach Erik, much appreciated!!”


- Kane Murphy,  2nd place finisher in the LAMBRA/USAC Individual Time Trial Championship

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“As a time crunched person who spends more hours going through airports than on the bike, having Erik as a coach has been great. He has helped me increase fitness and endurance with a well thought out plan. The plan is tailored to accommodate my travel and work schedule. It takes advantage of Training Peaks and Zwift. He tracks my progress and makes changes to challenge me to reach new heights; it isn't easy but it is effective. The plan takes into account recovery, rest, and family time.


We first met for him to understand my goals and work-life time demands. After an initial fitness test on the bike, Erik created a program and then adjusts as you go.


I highly recommend Erik as a coach. He listens, looks at data, requests feedback, and makes adjustments accordingly. I am very pleased with what the outcome of training with him.” 

- Pedro, trained for a century

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Alan Testimonial.jpeg

"Coach Erik provided me a solid training plan that includes a weekly Zwift group ride and weekly group workout.  At the beginning, I was intimidated and especially struggled on the group rides.  Within a few weeks, I was successful in staying with the group.  During the workouts I learned about my ability to recover from intervals and maintain good power, and it made me feel involved with a team – not just grinding out rides and workouts on my own. 


This coaching program led to confidence in my performance at Barry-Roubaix.  I achieved my personal best performance thanks to Dutch Diesel Cycling.”

- Alan, trained for Barry-Roubaix gravel race and finished in under 4 hours

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