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About Us

Our mission at Dutch Diesel Cycling, LLC is to share the great experience of outdoor and indoor cycling to inspire the next generation of riders. With our busy lives spent juggling work and family commitments, and more time spent behind devices, cycling is a great way to decompress, relax, and get those endorphins going.  Dutch Diesel Cycling offers personalized coaching plans for time-crunched cyclists, kick start programs for those new to indoor cycling, and boutique outdoor tours for small groups.  We also organize virtual group rides for anyone who wants to join us on Zwift.

Erik Hofman

Certified USA Cycling Coach and Tour Guide


Growing up in the Netherlands, biking was an everyday activity for me, even into my teenage years. But it was not until moving to California and participating in a 2001 Team in Training charity event that my love for biking really started. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the California hills and coastline in the group training rides and then completing "America's Most Beautiful Bike Ride," a 100-mile ride that goes all the way around Lake Tahoe.  

From there, my passion for the sport evolved into amateur racing from 2009 to 2014 in the NCNCA. This is where I got the nickname "Dutch Diesel" because I spent a lot of time at the front working to keep the team out of the wind and trying to close the gaps on break aways.  

Since then, I have been riding an average of 5,000 to 6,000 miles per year to stay fit, which includes leading "virtual" and outdoor rides.  In addition, I coach and manage annual training plans for clients.


I established Dutch Diesel Cycling to bring my passion and knowledge of cycling to those who want to improve their performance and/or fitness, ride in a group, or discover some of the most beautiful places in California.  Cycling is a fun individual sport, but it's even more fun sharing it with others.  So, join us.  We know you'll enjoy the ride.  

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