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Indoor Riding

Why indoor riding?  Remember those days on fluid trainers or indoor rollers where it was so boring that one hour felt like an eternity?  With the explosive growth of indoor cycling apps like Zwift, Sufferfest, TrainerRoad and FulGaz, those days are gone.  The best way to take advantage of these apps is to use a smart trainer that is controlled by the program or workout.  Dutch Diesel Cycling uses Zwift to organize virtual group rides, and when using our personalized coaching programs, we can push your workouts to Zwift via TrainingPeaks.  Your smart trainer guides you through the different steps of the workout and all you have to do is pedal!


Indoor Group Rides

Nothing makes indoor cycling more enjoyable than riding with a group.  Time flies when you can chat with riders from around the world via audio or text while following wheels or having a friendly competition. There are even races you can participate in.  Each avatar on your screen is an actual person riding their trainer in their garage or other dedicated area in their home.  You will be surprised at the new friendships you can make in the virtual world while getting in a good workout.  Dutch Diesel Cycling organizes weekly Zwift groups rides.  You don't need to be a client, everyone can join.  See ride schedule to learn more >>


Virtual Group Workouts

Do you end up skipping your workout because you had a busy day of work and could not find the motivation to get on the bike?   Virtual group workouts make it a little easier to get motivated since you know someone is expecting you to show up, and all you have to do is change into your cycling clothes and jump on your indoor bike.  Virtual group workouts enable a group of riders to all do the same workout at their own intensity while staying together.  These rides are the perfect way to stay on target while still riding as a group which is pretty much impossible on road due to different rider strength, skill, etc.  The other great thing about working out as a group is that it keeps you engaged and motivated, providing you that extra push to hang in there for that last hard minute of your interval.  Dutch Diesel Cycling provides custom-built group workouts for its clients through our personalized coaching program.


Guided Workouts

The revolution of smart trainers and applications that can control them have made interval workouts on the bike much more efficient, safer and easier to follow.  No watching the clock to see when the next interval starts or ends, and no stop lights to interrupt your intervals.  A guided workout will control your trainer resistance and guides you automatically through the workout for that day.  You can listen to your favorite tunes or watch your favorite cycling race while you pedal. This doesn't make it an easier effort, but much simpler to stay on target and at the end you are sure to achieve the intensity and training volume in that you needed for that day.  Dutch Diesel Cycling provides guided workouts through our personalized coaching plans.


Virtual Racing

Want to get competitive, try virtual racing.  There are many races being organized by the different teams on Zwift and you can find them on the Zwift events calendar.  Of course we would love you to join the Dutch Diesel Cycling racing team.  Learn more here >> to get set up and join our team

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