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Training Plans without a coach

Whether you're a weekend warrior aiming for a your next cycling goal, or simply want to become a better climber or ride at higher speeds with your local group, not sure how to get there and not ready to commit to our coaching service, our static training plans caters to diverse goals. From building endurance, strength on the bike to enhancing speed,  we've got the roadmap to elevate your cycling experience.

How does it work:

  • Select a training plan from the ever growing list of static training plans below.

  • You will be redirected to TrainingPeaks where you read the details of each plan.

  • After purchasing the plan it will load in your TrainingPeaks calendar and you are on your way.

  • These static trainingplans don't include feedback from a Dutch Diesel Cycling coach, but you can always email us with questions.

Suggested equipment:

For the best experience we recommend the below is the equipment to get started.  The combination of indoor guided workouts and outdoor goal simulation is in our experience the bets combination, but the training plans can also be done 100% outdoors or indoors.

Outdoor rider:

  • Heart rate monitor and/or power meter

  • Cycling computer (e.g. Garmin)

Indoor rider:

  • Smart trainer

  • Power meter

  • Heart rate monitor

  • Software that integrates with training peaks to control your smart trainer

Static Training Plans


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