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Customer Testimonials


I joined Zwift in December 2019 in order to cycle through the winter months in preparation for a cycling vacation I had planned on in Spring 2020. When the pandemic hit, the trip was canceled, but I never stopped Zwifting. I love Zwift and was so happy to find a place to ride, stay fit and social, and make some new virtual friends. I ended up really embracing Zwift and started wanting to see more improvement.


I joined the DDC Zwift racing team in the months that followed and found myself plateauing and no longer progressing. I reached out to Erik in May 2021, and we set up a plan that fit my cycling goals and accommodated my limited hours, secondary to my job. It is amazing to feel and experience the difference that structured training offers. I have had steady improvement with every element of my training, both short and especially the longer duration efforts! It is great! I can see the improvement in my data and I feel the improvement during weekly rides and races! My teammates even notice! A typical week includes focused workouts, some zone 2 work and a higher intensity tempo long ride. What I think benefits me the most are the workouts. I do these in ERG mode on Zwift. We do both high intensity sessions and strength sessions. High intensity sessions could be anything from a sweet-spot or pyramid session to, my favorite, over-unders and the strength sessions are primarily zone 3 power with low cadence and those have proven very valuable for me.  


I enjoy working with Erik because he listens to the goals I want to try achieving and is super encouraging and communicates with me. He offers quick feedback both when I have a great session on the bike and want to celebrate and also when I feel like I didn't have a great session. He genuinely cares and wants me to succeed and that means so much to me. I definitely recommend Erik! 


Dianne, Zwift and Outdoor rider.

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