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Frequently Asked Questions


Does my camper need to be an experienced rider?

No they simply need be able to ride a bicycle safely. During the week we will teach camplers how to shift gears properly, how to use brakes efficiently, and how to ride safely on the street and trails. The camp is about giving each rider the confidence to ride on the road or trail, and have fun while doing it! 

What kind of bike do they need?

They need a bike with 24" wheels or bigger, 3 front chain rings, and gears on rear wheel. Bikew iwth 20" wheels rarely come with low enough gears for the campers to climb the terrain around Mount Diablo.

Where do we meet and pick up?

Most days will start at Diablo Vista Park, but some days we will start closer to the ride location.  All rides are in the Danville area.

What kind of clothing and gear does my camper need?

Your camper's bike should have at least one bottle cage and filled water bottle. Some riders use a Camel Back type back pack to carry water. Make sure they know how to use it and that it is filled up when they arrive. Campers should wear comfortable clothing and bring a sweatshirt for cool weather.  It is a good idea to have your camper wear some type of gloves, as it helps protect their hands if they fall (it does happen occasionally).  Please apply sunscreen before camp, as we will be outdoors for the entire day. 

Will my child be able to last all day in a mountain bike camp?

Only a portion of the day will be spent riding. Each day we start the camp with bike checks followed by a mechanical skills clinic. Some examples of these skills include learning how the gears work and how best to shift, the parts of a bike, how to use the brakes, how to remove each wheel and how to fix a flat. We then go for a ride and have lunch. To conserve energy, we will play games to take a rest from riding. Sometimes we do a shorter ride or skills session. 

What about food/lunch?

Please bring a sack lunch and snacks for your child.  Sometimes we eat lunch at the camp's starting point, other times we have lunch while we are out on the trails.

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Can I rent bikes?

No you need to bring your own bike for the tour, along with tubes and a tire pump or CO2 cartridges in case of a flat.  We will provide extra supplies, tool and equipment to fully support the ride.

For multi-day tours, is lodging included in the price?

Yes, lodging is included in the tour price.

Do your tours offer SAG support?

Yes, our tours are fully supported with a SAG vehicle so that you can just get out there and enjoy the ride.  The support car will carry your personal items, supplies and tools for mechanical problems, refreshments, water and lunch.

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