Mountain Bike Clinics

What does a typical Saturday session look like?

Each Saturday morning we will ride the trails on and around mount diablo. Riders will learn things like how bike gears work, how best to shift, the parts of a bike, how to use the brakes, how to remove each wheel, and how to fix a flat. On the bike, riders will learn how to share the road with cars and other bikers, how to climb and descend safely, and how to handle various types of terrain.  

Most rides will start at Diablo Vista Park next to the basketball and volleyball courts, but some will begin from Monta Vista High School.   Every Thursday you will receive an email with the ride details for the upcoming session including starting location.

What does my rider need for the clinic?

For the best experience on the hills and trails we require that your rider has the following:

  1. Mountain bike: with 24" wheels or bigger, 3 front chain rings or 1 chain ring*, and multiple gears on rear wheel.  The bike needs to be in good running condition. If you need a tune up before the camp, we recommend taking your bike to 6Fifteen Cyclery.

  2. Helmet: one that fits well and is in good condition.

  3. Sunglasses: for eye protection.

  4. Saddle bag: with a spare tube and mini tire pump or CO2 cartridges in case of a flat tire.

  5. Clothing: long finger biking gloves, comfortable clothing, tennis shoes, and sweatshirt (for cool weather).

  6. Water: at least one water bottle cage and bottle is needed to keep your rider hydrated. Because not all trails have the opportunity to refill, some riders use a CamelBak to carry water. Make sure they know how to use it and that it is filled up when they arrive.   

  7. Ride snack (i.e. power bar) trail.

  8. Sunscreen: apply sunscreen before arriving.


Newer model mountain bikes with 1 chain ring in the front are ok too as long as they have at least 10 gears on the rear wheel. 

Mountain Bike Saturday Clinics


When: Saturday

Duration: 8:30 AM - 10:30 AM ( depending on group pace)

Rider Type: Youth Middle School

Drop off location: Diablo Vista Park, 1000 Tassajara Ranch Drive, Danville, CA

Cost: $40 per session

Upcoming Sessions: See registration form for dates